Features of WinContig

Here is a brief overview of the features of WinContig.


WinContig is a standalone executable, and it doesn't require any installation process or additional DLLs. All the files required to run WinContig, including any settings, reside in a single folder, so you can carry it with you on any removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive.

Very fast and reliable

Trusted by millions of users worldwide, WinContig is known for being a very reliable application. Defragmentation and analysis processes are based on kernel-mode interface library functions. Thus, performing defragmentation process is safe and there is no risk of losing data when a file is moved, even in the event of a power loss.

Defragmentation of single files

WinContig has been designed to specifically defragment single files or entire folders without the need to defragment the whole disk. For example, you can move a file to the faster area of the drive to get the best possible performance.

Customizable interface

WinContig provides a clean and fully customizable interface, so to make the application function in a way that fits your needs.

Support for Light and Dark themes

WinContig automatically detects the system's theme and adjust the interface to follow the system theme.

Check for disk integrity

WinContig allows you to check disks for file system errors and get some useful information out of them, including statistical information to prevent data loss or corruption (S.M.A.R.T. data).

Support for command-line switches

WinContig accepts a number of optional command-line switches that you can use to control how the program operates. This is useful if you want to run WinContig from a script or as a scheduled task.

Remove unnecessary files

Temporary files created by the operating system or by applications don’t always get removed automatically, wasting valuable storage space. WinContig allows you to delete the temporary files before running defragmentation, in order to not waste time and consume system resources defragging useless data.


WinContig is available in more than 25 languages thanks to the volunteers' contributions from all over the world.

Integration with File Explorer

You can optionally integrate WinContig into File Explorer. This let you analyze and defragment files and folders by right-clicking on them in File Explorer and selecting the required option from the context menu.

Creation of profiles

WinContig enables you to group files and folders into profiles for processing them later. This is especially useful when you need to process the same files or folders.