License and warranty

End-User License Agreement ("Agreement") for WinContig.


For the purposes of this End-User License Agreement:

  • "Agreement" means this End-User License Agreement.
  • "Application" refers to WinContig.
  • "You" means the individual or legal entity accessing or using the Application and exercising permissions granted by this Agreement.

Use of the Application for any period constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If You do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not use the Application.


The Application is released as freeware for personal and commercial use. You can use it on as many Windows computers as desired. You don't have to register or pay anything. You may install, use, access, run, or otherwise interact with one copy of the Application on a single or multiple computers. You are allowed to make copies of the Application and distribute it to third parties, provided this program is not distributed for profit.

No warranties

The Application and all the accompanying files are provided by the author "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" and without any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the author shall not be liable for any other damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use the Application, even if the author has been advised of the possibility of such damages. To the extent that You could have avoided damages by taking reasonable care, including by backing up your software and other files, the author and its suppliers will not be liable for such damages. The entire risk arising out of the use or performance of this product and documentation remains with You.

Updates to the Application

Updates may delete or modify certain functionalities and/or features of the Application. You agree that the author has no obligation to provide any updates or continue to provide or enable any particular functionalities of the Application to You. You agree that all updates or any other modifications will be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Application.

Intellectual property rights

All title and intellectual property rights in and to the Application are, and shall remain, the sole and exclusive property of the author.

Separation of components

The Application is licensed as a single product and its component parts may not be separated. If You distribute this program, You must include all files contained in the distribution package, without any modifications.