Exclude tab

In this tab you can specify what data to exclude from analysis and defragmentation.

You can add individual files, folders and masks to the list of exclusions by clicking on the Add button. A mask is a pattern of characters and wildcards used to match file and folder names. Masks support the following wildcards:

Syntax Expression Description
? Any single character. Matches any single character.
* One or more characters. Matches any one or more characters.

For example, you can specify the *backup* mask to exclude all the files and folders that contain backup in their names or paths. You can use more than one wildcard in a mask, and both wildcard characters can be used in combination. To specify multiple masks, separate each mask by a semicolon (;). For example: *.tmp;*backup*;*.d?t.

To remove an item from the list of exclusions, select the item from the list, and then click on the Remove button.

In addition to the list of exclusions, you can skip files by using the following options:

Option Description
Skip files larger than (KB) Skips files which size is greater than the specified value. Notice that the value must be in KB.
Skip files having less than (fragments) Skips files having a number of fragments that is less than the specified value.
Skip files having fragments larger than Skips files having fragments which size is greater than the selected value.

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