Shortcut menu for the upper pane

The following table lists commands that are available on the menu:

Command Description Toolbar button Keyboard shortcut
Open Opens the selected items by using their associated applications. If the selected item does not have an application associated with it, the operating system will ask you what program you want to use to open the item.
Add item > File Displays the Add Files dialog, which allows you to add one or more files to the list. CTRL+O
Add item > Folder Displays the Add Folder dialog, which allows you to add one or more folders to the list.

If you want to exclude all files and subfolders in the selected folder from processing, deselect the Include subfolders option in the Add Folder dialog.
Remove items Removes the selected items from the list.

Before the items are removed, you are asked to confirm the operation. You can change this behavior in the settings of WinContig.

NOTE: To delete an item from your disk, use the standard deletion procedures for your operating system.
Add to exclusions list Adds the selected items to the exclusions list. The items added to the exclusions list will be skipped during the defragmentation process.
Analyze selected items Analyzes only the selected items to determinate how fragmented they are.
Defragment selected items Defragments only the selected items.
Include subfolders Includes all files and subfolders in the selected folder for processing.
Not include subfolders Excludes all files and subfolders in the selected folder from processing.
Specify disk zone Displays the Disk zone dialog, which enables you to specify into which zone of the disk the selected items should be placed.
Open item location Opens the folder containing the selected items.
Fragment information Displays the Fragments dialog, which shows additional information about the selected files, including the size and the number of fragments the files consist of.
Properties Displays the properties of the selected items. ALT+ENTER

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